Monday, August 28, 2006




The year has passed, what can one do
When leaves fall from the tree.
I close my book, take one last look
But summer turns to flee.
And so once more, I shut the door
And take a stroll with you.

The ram's horn blows, the men pray
And children return to school.
And quick and fast, I see at last
Elul partings are so cruel.
The year is done, yet everyone
Would have it wait a day.

I gaze back with some regret
There's much I could have done.
White empty pages, missed wages
Sword not yet drawn from stone.
Must brush the dog, clear the bog
Be cheerful and cease to fret.

G-d seals our fate up in heaven
Autumn politely leaves her card.
We fall and slip, skid and trip
Yet advance though it is hard.
We needn't cry at the year's passing by
Because here comes 5767!

By Shifra Shomron
3 Elul 5766/ 28.8.06
Nitzan Caravilla site

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