Monday, October 31, 2005


Child Welfare Update

Here's my original Child Welfare article about the teenaged girl still jailed for anti-Disengagement protest. I received this update.


Between early Friday morning Israel time and now, early Sunday morning over 1000 people have signed our on-line petition on behalf of Tziviya Sariel. The President will receive all of those emails again today in hard copy, when we deliver them to his office in Jerusalem. Tziviya's trial has been brought forward to Monday at 8:30 AM in Kfar Saba and we hope you will be able to attend the protest outside, starting at 8:00 AM.

Please forward this message to anyone you think might be able to attend. It is obvious that our publicity of this injustice has embarrassed the courts and that there is a better chance than ever to secure her release tomorrow. For this reason we implore you to circulate and forward the email urging people to sign the petition demanding her release.

Tziviya, is a 16 year-old girl who is being persecuted and prosecuted for her political and religious beliefs. It is outrageous to hold a minor for months in jail, without bail for minor offences such as protesting against the disengagement.

It is absolutely obscene that the courts have sent her for psychological evaluation because "she insists upon a trial before a rabbinic court." While we are glad that we have raised our first 1000 signatures on Tziviya's behalf - we would love to return to the Presidents house this afternoon with boxes containing an additional 10,000 signatures.

Please forward and circulate this email to every and any forum, friend and family member who you think might sign our petition.Additionally, the posters, petitions and demonstration all cost money that we don't have. Every time "Mishalot Yisrael" embarks upon a campaign on behalf of prisoners such as Shimshon Cytryn, Tziviya Sariel or the other minors who have been wrongfully imprisoned, with G-d's help we have made tremendous impact. However, the printing bills and other expenses pile up. On the one hand, we can't say no to the parents of these courageous kids, while on the other hand we need to turn to you and others to help us help them. And so we call upon you to help us circulate the online petition and to send a generous contribution to help us defray the costs of this vital campaign.

To view an article on Tziviya you can visit
To sign the petition demanding Tziviya's release visit
To contribute funds to "Mishalot Yisrael": Donations can be made directly to our account: Mishalot Yisrael - Yerushalayim at Bank Hapoalim, Branch 698, account number: 676769 Checks can be sent to: Mishalot Yisrael , POBox 6592 Jerusalem , Israel Bank transfers/wires can be sent to: Mishalot Yisrael - Yerushalayim, Bank Hapoalim - Jaffa Rd.- Branch 698 - AC # 676769, Swift Code: Poalilit

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