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More on yesterday's terror attack

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October 17, 2005

This information on the victims of yesterday's terror attack comes from Israel Resource News Agency. As unbearable as it is to read this, it is also important: putting a human face on the victims brings home the depth of the tragedy. And we dare not turn away from this tragedy -- our job is to work towards preventing more such.

The two young women who were killed were cousins.

One was Meitat Rosenfeld-Adler, 23, who was married for just two months, and is survived by her parents and five siblings In Carmel, as well as her husband. She had finished her IDF service in the Intelligence Division four months ago and was planning on attending law school to become a lawyer and then a judge, to "bring justice" to the system in Israel.

After having buried his wife of two months, Yisrael Adler will be able to sit shiva for her for less than a day -- rather than a week. (Jewish law says that shiva, which is a public mourning, is interrupted by a holiday.) He will then sit in the sukkah that had been built for the two of them.

Kinneret Mandel -- the first girl born in Carmel 24 years ago -- is survived by parents and four siblings. She was a fifth grade science teacher at Alon Shvut. Next Shabbat, her cousin was going to celebrate his bar mitzvah luncheon in her family's sukkah and Kinneret and Meitat had decorated that sukkah in anticipation of this.

When she was killed, she was carrying a lulav and etrog, which were broken on the highway and covered in blood.

The two cousins are also survived by mutual grandparents.
Oz ben Meir, 15, from Maon, was a star athlete and an avid Gemara (Talmud) student. He was on his way home to finish the decorating of his family's sukkah. He is survived by five siblings, parents and grandparent.

Three more young people were injured in the attack and are in the hospital.

It should only be that Sharon and Mafuz -- and all those whose "generous" policies towards the Palestinians make such incidents more likely -- will absorb this information, beat their chests, and vow to work to prevent further occurances. It should only be.

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