Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Open Letter from Disengagement Victim

As a 13 year resident of Gush Katif and current resident, with my family, of a “Caravilla” in Nitzan I am writing an open letter to the heads of Judea and Samaria communities and moetzas. Many of us are not satisfied with building permanent homes and establishing our communities in the Nitzan coastal area between Ashkelon and Ashdod. This area does not satisfy our Zionist ideology as it is well secure in the national consensus and has no Arabs in the area. There is a lack of religious-zionist schools in the area and certainly not many employment opportunities. It does, however, offer growth in value of real estate – not why I made Aliyah!.

Residents of Gush Katif are well split as to future plans. We need permanent housing solutions (assuming temporary solutions will soon be solved). We are not being well served by our former mazkiruts or moetza as there is no planning or communication within or between many communities.

There has been a deafening silence from YESH. Judea and Samaria communities that can offer a Zionist solution have been strangely silent. Such communities can offer: housing, stronger religious-zionist education, ideological and communal support. We can offer YESH communities demographic and ideological strengthening in the face of imminent land give-aways. I appeal to those communities that have building projects of 5, 10, 50 or more houses to come to places where Gush Katif residents are temporarily residing (Nitzan, Yad Benyamin, tent encampments, hotels, etc) and sell us on your community. You must bypass our former mazkiruts – they have their own interests and have not served us well before, during and after the pinui.

Fulfilling this request is not insurmountable. Let me describe my personal needs as an example: A 150-180 meter home on a third or half dunum plot (approximately $ 150,000) in a religious-zionist community over the “green line” with available services (schools, macolet, health clinic, public transportation) that needs strengthening. Yad Benyamin, Nitzan, Shafir, Lachish, do not need more Jews, the communities of YESH do – we can help each other in strengthening our hold on Eretz Yisrael.

With Love of Israel
Yossi Shomron

You're not a victim; for 13 years you've been occupying and exploiting the land of the people who've been living there for thousands of years, kind of like Nazi occupied Poland. At least the Nazis didn't whine about being victims.
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