Thursday, November 03, 2005


Is Israeli President Katzav really in the dark?

The Jerusaelm Post finally has an article about the deal to, G-d forbid, give Mount Zion to the Vatican.

Where there's smoke there's fire, and there are so many details that have been discovered about this G-d forbid agreement, that there must be something to it. Don't forget that Mount Zion has been in Israeli hands even before the Six Days War.

Following is the letter from President Katzav's office, after they received numerous complaints about his planned signing an agreement with the Vatican, during his upcoming visit, which would, G-d forbid, hand over a large portion of Mt. Zion to the Vatican in exchange for a church in Toledo, which was once a synagogue.


November 2, 2005


I would like to inform you that there is absolutely no base to the story which appeared in some press reports.

Avi Granot
Political Advisor to the President of Israel

For all those fools out there who think that Vatican recognition of Israel, and President Katsav's planned trip to Rome are a good thing, think again.
And if you fell for all the silly Nostra Aetate fanfare, and think that it means that the Pope has accepted our right to exist, think again.
The purpose of Katsav going to Rome is to sign away our Eternal Jewish Heriage to the Vatican.
Hopefully anyone who saw the Avi Granot un-memo from the President's office knows about his harmful track record enough to not trust him. In August Granot helped Katsav to persuade "Germany to institute unprecedented measures restricting the influx of Jews". Interesting.
This is what the Catholics are gleefully saying, almost having Jerusalem in their clutches.
And let's demand that Katsav not go to Rome. Because once he gets there there is no telling how to prevent him from acting like the Romans do.
And we all know what that means for Israel.
In Faith, Elisheva Rubin
Catholic World News Oct. 12 (
Israeli president to visit Pope in November
Regarding the long-awaited juridical pact establishing the rights of the Church in Israel, Ben Hur said that his government's representatives are meeting with Vatican negotiators "frequently" to work out details of the proposed agreement.
Ben Hur said that he was looking toward a quick conclusion of the talks, and the production of a final agreement to fulfill the terms of the "fundamental agreement" in 1993 that led to Vatican recognition of the Israeli state.
Israel to cede control over site of Last Supper? Oct. 20 ( - The Israeli government may cede control of the Cenacle-- the site of the Last Supper-- to the Catholic Church, the Italian daily Il Messagero reports.
Il Messagero says that Israeli President Moshe Katsav could sign an agreement giving the Catholic Church control of the site when he meets with Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) at the Vatican on November 17.
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