Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Mount Zion, a little background

Many people aren't aware of the fact that a high percent of prime Jerusalem real estate is owned by the churches. If I'm not mistaken this includes the Israel Museum and possibly even the Knesset. This undermines Israel's sovereignty.

Mount Zion was in Israel's hands even before 1967. The poet Uri Tzvi Greenberg was one of those who made regular pilgrimages to there. It's connected to King David, as we all know.

For over thirty-five years, there has been a yeshiva there, the Diaspora Yeshiva, one of the pioneers in bringing lost Jewish souls back to Yiddishkeit. The spirit of King David, our most musical king, was inherited by some of the first students in the yeshiva who established The Diaspora Yeshiva Band. Some of the members (Avraham Rosenbaum? and Ruby Harris for sure) are still making beautiful Jewish music heard all over the world.

Only a government as removed from "ahavat ha'aretz," Love of our Land, could have possibly agreed to something that would evict this yeshiva from its home and give more of our precious land to the Catholic Church.

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