Tuesday, March 21, 2006


A note from Anita Tucker, formerly of Nezer Chazani

This is from a letter by Anita Tucker, who was evacuated against her will from her home and farm in Gush Katif, due to Sharon and Olmert's Disengagement.

...if you want to be nice and help her help herself. It is, in my opinion, also very important to not let the powers in charge get away with such idiocracy. I just went out to look again they cannot possibly agree to move into the site as is
--if it rains they'll have to float out of their caravillas as their are no paths or anything yet.

In our caravillot the defects in the construction are absolutely unbelievable -as if their is no quality control whatsoever in the prefab factories that made them . The whole site was divided into different contractors that provide the finished caravilla complete with everything . Ours is one of 9 that the contracted for them is the Settlement Dept. All nine caravillot have a door and a frame that have no connection between them and cannot possibly ever be closed properly.

When we tried to find out how could such a caravilla been accepted at site?
-Answer we were told it came that way
--and we accepted it because Sela wanted homes on site immediately
-so when asked how will it be fixed ? The manufacturer of house will have to do it
-So why doesn't he get him to do it?
Will they have to take caravilla back to factory to fix it?????

It goes on and on and all pass the buck endlessly
---it is Chelm but also much worse
-it is evil that a person who does a job on every level doesn't care at all about the fact that a fellow human being will have to live in that house.

Something so sick is happening here in our country!

It is true it always was Chelmy but this is just so bad and so worse than ever
--that those people responsible don't seem to care about others at all, and this atmosphere and message goes down the line to he simplest worker below!
(personally, I refuse to waste my time chasing after evil-and try to fill the voids with good)

I sent car from Neve dekalim man to pick up rugs-for fee----hope they will be here and in Neve dekalim shortly!

Thanks for all your efforts .

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