Friday, June 09, 2006


June 8 Letter from Anita Tucker

Update on Ein tzurim caravilla frustrations and cruelty to humans who were already stepped on sufficiently this year.(don't worry we are like the pop up dolls -we won't let them flatten us totally no matter how hard they try)

This morning took an Evangelist couple and their guide to see the caravilla site. We are standing next to area where there are open pits and dangerous building materials etc etc.-obvious to all that site not ready to move into although five meters from one of twelve houses that Minhelet claim are ready for occupation. Up comes our friend Motti Elimelech (that guy you all called ) and says -hi you heard that the problems have been solved and tomorrow contractor will again work full force (tomorrow is Friday- ).
I say- why did you send letters to Kibbutz Guesthouse that you are stopping funding for this --it is obvious that the site right now is not safe- do you want my young grandchildren to move in with these dangers exposed?. Motti says of course we won't let anyone move in until it is absolutely safe.

One hour later I discover that the 12 families of Netzer Hazani whose homes are supposedly ready and have they claim been approved by Minister of housing supervisor (hard to believe )---received letter from minhelet that says -the family must move into house and out of guesthouse by 11/6 and no airconditioners will be installed until the contract is signed (ie contracts that say we agree to move out of caravilla site by no longer than three and a half years). As you recall we cannot sign this as we have no idea how long procedures on yishuv Keva (permanent location) will take. Two of these twelve families were my sons .
So I called up Shuli Levi vice to Bassi -telling him all of above.He says but houses have been accepted by supervisor . I say but five meters from there there is a whole neighborhood that is still in development with all the dangers involved . He said - I don't know I'll have to see for myself. Of course that is a silly answer -so I told him again of what Motti Elimelech said in morning and that he should have checked out before sending letters --why deal so cruelly and nastily with people who have gone through so much already . He says--perhaps we have to put a fence around the site -but I'll have to see myself. Good Morning!
the phone then was disconnected.

Would appreciate if others could follow up on this to Bassi's no.and shuli's no. and to perhaps also ask to speak this new lady Tzvia Shimon who is in learning job but not yet responsible
Why do they enjoy torturing us ? We would all love to move in but we will not sign a contract that says they can expell us from this home as well if because of them permanent site is not ready. We hae suggested several changes in the wording that will cover both sides needs but the Minhelet legal advisor insists that we have to sign.
Whole thing is stupid ,exhausting and a waste of energy -they should be embarrased that it is eight months since they began on this temporary caravilla site and it is still not completed.
phone numbers are in previous e-mail

thanks for caring Anita

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