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The Latest Israeli Growth Industry

The Latest Israeli Growth Industry

Yossi Shomron
3 Av 5766 (July 28, 2006)

Today I visited a refugee camp in the modern state of Israel. Actually, I live in the "internal refugee" camp of Nitzan; 480 prefab, upgraded caravans built for the expellees of Gush Katif. Four kilometers to the west, along the beach of Nitzan, is a new refugee "town", a tent city divided into two clearly designated areas: "Welcome from the northern areas" and "Welcome from the southern areas". Each area contains some 20 to 30 huge tents (approximately 25 by 40 meters each), with guards, fencing, bathroom facilities, and shuttle buses transporting people back and forth from highway 4. The new beach "town" contains thousands of Jews - refugees from missile attacks launched from Lebanon and the Gaza strip into Israeli towns and cities.

The government of Israel seems to be in the business of creating Jewish refugees. Either the government expels thousands of Jews from their homes in towns considered to be a liability to the state or the government allows its citizens to be bombed for more than 5 years (southern area refugees), or 2 weeks (northern area refugees). Okay, to be fair, the Arabs are the perpetrators of the missile attacks causing tens of thousands of Jews to flee their homes. But for 5 years S'derot, Gush Katif, and surrounding moshavim and kibbutzim have been bombed from distances of 1 to 8 kilometers and the IDF has been restrained by the government from responding effectively. Of course the IDF bombed the "usual suspects": empty fields, roads, bridges, bomb factories, terror headquarters, empty PA buildings and even live terrorists when caught in the act. By and large, the Gaza "civilian" population of Hamas, Fatah, PFLP, Islamic Jihad supporters as well as thousands of terrorist fighters (who don't wear a uniform or carry a weapon) remain off limits to the IDF.

And in the North? Again the usual list of targets has been bombed: bridges, roads, broadcast stations, Hezbalah bunkers and camps, and missile launchers and rockets when seen. The government of Lebanon, with a strong Hezbalah component, as well as Shiite southern Lebanon remain off limits to the IDF. To ensure that terror supporters in Lebanon don't pay a price, the inner cabinet of the Israeli govt. review all major IDF targets before bombing. Expect that as long as the Lebanese "civilians" and the thousands of Hezbalah supporters, terror operatives among them, remain untouched, the North of Israel will suffer the years of bombing that the South of Israel continues to endure. And the latest Israeli growth industry, internal Jewish refugees, will continue to grow.

thanks for the info
Someone certainly is spending a lot of time censoring this blog of any non-racist comments. I suppose the nazis spent as much time during world war II doing the same thing with the same motive.
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