Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The Curse!

The area known as "Gush Katif" had never been part of any Arab nation, society or even neighborhood. According to local lore, it was cursed.

When the first Israelis moved there, the nearby Arabs were amazed and really didn't care, since they didn't consider it as a place to live or cultivate. There wasn't even the usual desert plants.

To their great amazement, the Jewish farmers turned it into one of the greatest successes in modern agriculture. The Israeli experts were also amazed, since nothing happened according to the predictions of the "experts."

Despite the success of the agriculture there and the millions of dollars in exports, the Israeli Government destroyed it all in what they called "Disengagement."

Foreign Jews even bought the hot houses and donated them to the Arabs in order to give them a chance at financial success. The Arabs, in their enthusiasm to destroy everything Jewish and Israeli, destroyed the hot houses. But now, the latest reports have come in that some Arabs have been attempting to inherit, or imitate, the Gush Katif agriculture business success.

To their great disappointment, the curse has returned. Gush Katif is only hospitable and fertile to Jews. The ancient Arab legends are true.

The news is that they haven't been able to reproduce bug-free vegetables but the land is still giving 'regular' prodcue for now.

Overseas, the supermarkets pride themselves with disclosing the location of every single item on the shelves: bananas from puerto Rico, tomatoes from mexico, potatoes from quebec, apples from wales, etc...

If only we knew in Israel where our produce was coming from. I think that onaas says that we aren't supposed to mix different crops together, but who the hell knows where the cucumbers and onions are coming from in our homes?
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