Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Mission to Israel January 4-12

Maalat HaGeula/Ascendant Redemption and Revava Olami

Itinerary for January 4-12, 2006 Mission to Israel

Support for the Jewish Refugees of Gush Katif and Northern Shomron

Malaat HaGeula/Ascendant Redemption and Revava Olami have announced the itinerary for their Mission to Israel January 4-12, 2006 in support of the displaced Jews of the Sharon Disengagement. The tour is drawing participants from across the United States and will focus on connecting with families in crisis living in displaced persons camps as well as leaders of the resistance movement throughout Greater Israel.

The tour may also be one of the best values in packages to Israel. The land package is only $1,000.00 per person for double occupancy and $1,250.00 per person for single occupancy (basing out of the Eldan Hotel in Jerusalem). The tour organizers have allowed mission participants to make their own air travel arrangements to enable them to use frequent flyer points and make the most convenient connections. The group will begin its mission around noon on January 5th from the parking lot of Ben Gurion Airport and continue through the evening of January 11. The group will be escorted by van with a driver from Heartland Tours. Participants will be visiting former residents of Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron now living in Nitzan, Atzmona, Ir Emunah, the tent city of Yad Mordechai and hotels in Jerusalem and Ashkelon.

Each participant is requested to bring a duffle bag of new or nearly new warm clothing needed by our holy brothers and sisters who have been thrown into refugee status.

We plan to meet and speak with Revava leaders David Ha’ivri and Yisrael Meir Cohen, Kedumim Mayor Daniella Weiss who is under home detention following her arrest for resisting the deportation in Gush Katif last summer, MK Arieh Eldad who called for civil disobedience and took up residence in Sa-Nur before the expulsion of its Jews, candidate for Likud Party Chairman Moshe Feiglin, Women in Green founders Ruth and Nadia Matar, former residents of Gush Katif Moshe and Rachel Saperstein and Dror Vanunu, candidate for Knesset Baruch Marzel, political commentator and Knesset candidate Professor Paul Eidelberg, esteemed Breslov Rabbis Avraham Greenbaum and Ozer Bergman, Massiyahu Prison prisoner Daniel Pinner of Kfar Tapuach imprisoned last summer for defending himself from rock-throwing Muslims in Gush Katif, and pioneer families of the Hill Top Youth.

Contact for reservations and information.

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