Wednesday, March 22, 2006


from the Tuckers: A Farewell Letter to the People of the Golan Heights

Dear people of the Golan Heights,

It is now seven months since the expulsion and we are packing our suitcases again, to move south and open a new page in our lives and the life of the Netser Hazani community.

We should have gone from house to house in the Golan Heights, to embrace each and every one of you and say farewell. So many good people there deserve our thanks for the warmth and love you gave us.

We came to you in days of destruction, betrayal and disappointment, with heavy hearts and tired eyes, broken from what had happened to us: an evil government expelled us from our lands and destroyed our homes, but did not bother to help us once we were over the Kisufim crossing. But God in His mercy brought us here, to the Paradise, a place of beauty and good, pure-hearted people.

You, dear people, in your simple and honest way knew how to hold out your hands to us without giving us the feeling that we were needy; you treated us so gently and sensitively that today we are able again to raise our heads and look forward. For this and so much more you have our heartfelt thanks.
We shall never forget the evil people who destroyed our world, but we shall also never forget the people of grace and truth who helped us in our most difficult moments.

Dear people, we want to tell you that you live in a truly wonderful place, where the enchanted countryside fits the enchanted people who live there (there used to be another place like this, but evil people destroyed it). We hope you will be able to continue building and flourishing for many generations.

We are now leaving on a long journey; we hope we shall reach its end soon, and leave with you some of us who have chosen to share your journey. We are confident that you will help them in future, too, so that they can fulfill their dreams as well.
Let us pray that the Lord will give us all the strength to withstand the tribulations of Geula,Redemption and keep our faith strong.
With God’s help we shall live to see the coming of the Messiah.

In the name of all the people of Netser Hazani who did not have time to say good-bye,
Osnat and Aviel Tucker, and the Tucker families.

Netzer Hazani will be rebuilt again soon with God’s help!

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