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photos by Ben Rappaport, Amatziya

Amatziya is (or was, since I'm not sure of the structural/administrative changes in recent years) a moshav shitufi, a very small community. It was founded as an agricultural community by members of Betar a few years before the 1967, Six Days War, on the border with Jordan. It suffered from Arab terrorism and its location was considered "the middle of no where."

My husband spent a few months there, when he came to Israel as a participant in the "Machon L'Madrichei Chutz L'Aretz," the Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad, which includes (or included--I'm not sure if there are changes since) half the year on an "agricultural settlement, generally a kibbutz. He was there in Amatziya during the Six Days War, when everyone, even the young foreigners were part of the war effort.

American Betarim, Ben and Aliza Rappaport, were living there then, and today, they are there to welcome their new neighbors, Disengagement refugees from Gush Katif.

Machon L'Madrichei, with a D.
I was there from end of January 1967 until summer of 67. On Independence Night, Arabs infiltrated the moshav and blew up and (unoccupied) house. It is located right next to the former Dueima. Today, one can visit recently discovered Bar Kochba caves.
She should have said 'expulsion' refugees. May a miracle come to save us from any more of Olmerd's madness. (That wasn't a spelling mistake. I assume you know what 'merd' means in French.)

Hag Sameachh to all.
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