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Former Terrorist: Walid Shoebat on The Tamar Yonah Show

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Former Terrorist: Walid Shoebat
Does He Do It For The $ Money?

After a speaking tour, my kids are just happy that 'father has come home alive".
Walid: You cannot imagine how many times Jews tell me "I am afraid for my children, I have a family, I am afraid" as we ourselves do not have any children, and our children do not count? So far my wife had not received a single email of encouragement from Jews, and my children have to review in their minds how their father will get beheaded if the Muslims ever caught him.
Walid Shoebat was a Moslem Terrorist from Bethlehem, who turned away from his beliefs after being sent to America by his mother. Today he lectures all over America about the perils of Islam, the Arab threat against Israel and how to stop it. Some people say that Walid is 'doing it for the money'. Please read the article (below) that he just penned and decide for yourself. He will be interviewed by Tamar tonight (America, eastern time), and you can ask him your own questions as well.

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By Walid Shoebat

Dear Jewish friends:-

Quit your belly aching complaints, shape up, stand up and fight, or get out of the way.

Jews love to talk about Kristal-Nacht, yet forget about Joseph-Nacht when Joseph's Tomb was burned, defecated in it, and while G-d's evil enemies used the Torah Scrolls to wipe their behinds after doing their filthy deeds. How could Jews be silent on this?

If I was a Jew I would be ashamed to call myself one.

This issue alone needs to be vocalized so much, yet instead we only think of the dead and we say "never again" while the "never again" happens right in front of our eyes.

It's a dead heart that thinks only of the dead and forgets the living.

Here are my honest findings after studying Jews for the last two years, and I wish to make this public:

- Most Jews act as they see other Jews react around them. They seem to seek more to be accepted in order to get respect, instead of gaining respect by strength and honor.

They seek Arab love like a farmer who plants seeds on rocks and daily pours water on stones leaving the good soil untouched. They keep trying to plant seeds of peace where there is no peace and forget that peace can only come by fighting for their G-d given right to survive.

Jewish students at Princeton got scared and blamed the messengers, when I was speaking at George Washington University Jewish students gladly stood up and stated "We the Jewish students stand with our Palestinians friends", and the only Jewish student with guts at San Diego State University got hell from every other Jewish student for bringing me to speak. Yet after the victory in which the turn up was historical, all his friends sent him cards of “thank you”.

Why is it that they objected at first, then thanked him later?

It’s because as usual, it’s one person who stand against the tide and makes all the difference to help change the Jews.

In fact, I started to think in reverse - let Palestinians and Islamists cause hell in Irvine, Harvard, Brandise…. Let them harass the Jewish students and put their noses in the mud, it’s a good thing. Maybe only when they cannot take it any more, then they might wake up and smell that stinky lousy hummus. After all, it was Nazism that forced Jews to work hard to create Israel. It was Arab attacks which forced Jews to take their G-d given rights over Jerusalem. It’s only after they get so much intimidation then Islamists will finally recognize that Jews are not rats, but lions.

Yet what Jews are famous in doing is to respond - respond to what Muslims do at the universities instead of ignoring it and making events of their own. Where is the miniature Joseph’s Tomb in flames at the university campuses? Your “Mecca” went up in flames and you coward and said nothing.

Yet they only object when they see a minature “Apartheid Wall?”

Most Jews trust the wrong guys and reject the ones who truly want to help. I get continual accusations for doing this for money, an accusation I already get from my enemies, but also from my Jewish friends? They ask me for my terror credentials as this is the only thing needed to be accepted as true and genuine. Arafat never had to show his terrorist credentials. Why should he? His finger prints where on every crime seen, yet he got the red carpet and was given a homeland. When he wanted a homeland in Jordan and acted like a brat, king Hussein expelled him immediately. Yet it was the “Jews” who welcomed him in Israel and gave him land for “peace.“

No one asked one of the world's leading Jew killer for credentials, it wasn't necessary. Not even the very people whose children he murdered even ask. Why? Because Jews think that the only road to peace is to beg Arabs to love them. Jews only want to welcome me if I had terrorist credentials, that my confessions alone is not enough. Jews want to accept us only if we indeed have done damage to them in the past like Arafat did.

It's disgusting.

I met with a prominent Jewish scholar and speaker yesterday who stated to some of my colleagues that what I do “makes a good living”, so I flew thousands of miles and met with him and presented all the evidence to him - documents and articles to prove that my American family were well connected with Winston Churchill, articles to show that my Arab family were connected with terror, my name, my exit visa, the land I lost for the sake of standing for Israel, and all other documents, yet he still asked me "how do I know that you were a terrorist?"

It's like I had to remember to take a picture of me with a bomb in my hand, that my confession is not enough, and even if I did it won't make a bit of difference. I made this very long trip flying from distant land to get 45 minutes with a Jew who still asked the same question.

Indeed, we, Arabs who speak for Israel are getting tired, yet no one really even cares.

Not only I am tired, but every Arab who I speak to who defends Israel is tired as well. Joseph Farah stated “I'm through trying to understand the incomprehensible moves of a self-flagellating nation. I'm through trying to point out the moral rightness of a state and a people who themselves fail to discern right from wrong.”

Yet while I read Farah’s comments that he is giving up, I doubt that he is, and neither will any one of us Arabs give up on the Jews and Israel regardless to how tired we get or to how much they give up on us and on their people and their land.

I myself have given up on the little piece of land I purchased from my own father after presenting the bill of sale he stated “we do not honor agreements with unbelievers”, yet I hate to see Jews loose their land to a people who never once honored an agreement.

Yet we hope to provoke you Jews to jealousy for your G-d given right.

Brigitte Gabriel has similar experiences. She deals with Jews who accuse her of being extremist for calling terrorists barbaric, yet when I speak to her she reminds me “Walid, we each have a bullet with our name written on it”.

Yet Jews always ask me as to "why Arabs do not speak out" "how come we don't have many Arabs speak like you do?"

The answer is simple - they do not get the full support from Jews who live in a world of Tekun Olam and Kumbayah. The “Tekun Olam” spirit is not only amongst the Jewish leftist waccos, but amongst the so called “right wingers” as well.

From that school, I still get accused of trying to convert Jews to Christianity when all the evidence is that I am converting Christians to see that their salvation in this world and the hereafter is connected to aiding Israel. Just look at my Christian promo to the church and every church speech that I do and one can see what I honestly do.

I get criticized for criticizing Islam in a world that openly criticizes Christianity and Judaism, with a people who consider critiquing Islam as the unpardonable sin. When was the freedom to critique a religion considered racist? Yet Jews were the best defenders of Islam to the point that you would rarely ever see in a Holocaust museum photos of the Fuehrer of the Arab world - Haj Amin Al-Husseini. Jews do not want to pick a bone with Islamic fundamentalism.

I get criticized for speaking to Jews as to why they need to get back to faith. I continually speak to faithless Jews who don't even know the basics of their faith, heritage, and history. I continually get harangued as to how to angle myself, and position myself to be accepted politically as to please the Jewish left instead of converting the left to get back on track to their Jewish pride and heritage.

People who judge and do not stand in the front line have no clue how we feel or what we are talking about.

You cannot imagine how many times Jews tell me "I am afraid for my children, I have a family, I am afraid" as we ourselves do not have any children, and our children do not count? So far my wife had not received a single email of encouragement from Jews, and my children have to review in their minds how their father will get beheaded if the Muslims ever caught him. My colleague Ibrahim Abdullah had over 400 phone calls of threats from his “peace loving” Muslim community and not a single call of support for speaking on terror.

Yet, almost all Jewish intellectuals say that “only 15% of Muslims are fundamentalists” I caught myself making this lie as well. We do not want to offend Islam.

Almost always, the first question that comes from Jewish audience is "are you not afraid for your life?". People who usually ask this question are themselves afraid for their life but are afraid to fight to preserve it. It’s only by attempting to loose our lives that we preserve it, that vigilance is the price for freedom. The only thing they can express is their fear instead of their voice, that voice which got numbed by Jewish love for peace.

I asked my youngest son as what should I do when Jews ask me the question “are you afraid for your life?” What he told me was astonishing. He said, tell them this “In life we all have two choices - die for something, or of something.”

Out of the mouth of kids.

I leave these speaking events to sit in a hotel room sobbing my eyes out, not for a world that doesn't give a damn about us, but for a world that doesn’t give a damn for themselves.

We act as we have so many friends, yet the only friend we have is G-d who I sit and speak to continually. We don't sleep a single second before these events worried about the crowds and what will they say and object about. Then I leave the events thinking about all the pathetic questions Jews ask "how can we make Arabs love us" "Giving land to the Palestinians is the only solution" "are you afraid for your life" "how do we know that you were truly a terrorist" "thank you for telling your story" bla bla bla...

Yet Jews forget about telling their story. It's their story that needs to be told and not ours. Why are they not telling their story all over the American Universities? The soft soil that is willing to be planted with truth is ignored, while they focus so much on the haters, writing to object to the editors of news papers, and belly-aching over what goes on universities.

They react and forget to act.

It’s by acting and not reacting is the only way to victory.

A victory that will never happen until they smell more rotten hummus.

Yes, even the Jewish "right" is infected with maddness. I go to events organized by religious Jews who insist not to quote the Prophets while Muslims freely quote their prophet with all the beheadings and murder. They accept us “strange” Christians as the only friend, but expect us not to even share G-d’s promises to possess the land? I refuse to cow-tow to belly aching Jews and risk the wrath of an angry G-d.

Jews are ashamed to quote the truth but object when Muslims quote lies, yet refuse to quote verses from The Good Book?

What Jews lack is holiness and a little pride of being Jewish.

What Jews need is some sort of “Teshuva.”

Most Jews tell me that they are not religious, yet when I ask them do they put up a Menorah they always say yes, and when I ask them that this is a religious symbol they do not know what to say.

If I ask them how is it that Israel won against all odds they always say “it was a miracle”, yet when I ask them “do you believe that the Bible predicted these miracles?” they always pause and show no emotion.

Even many of the “religious” Rabbis object. One Rabbi in Florida said that he liked my speech but I lost his support the moment that I objected on giving land for peace. Why I asked? He said that giving land to the Arabs is the most logical solution. I asked him if he kept Kosher in which he said "of course, I am a Rabbi", then I asked him "Rabbi is it logical to keep Kosher in today's world" and he said "no", then I asked him, why do you observe this "illogical" commandment and refuse to observe the other? The land was given to you to posses forever, why do you always pray as a Rabbi "If I forget thee oh Jerusalem, let my right hand...., yet you want to give up East Jerusalem? Why not cut your hand Rabbi?”

He got speechless of course, but instead would object on the messenger instead of viewing his inner heart.

He prays things he doesn’t really mean and hates the messenger for stating what he supposedly believes in.

It's like speaking to a dead branch with no fruit. The only thing that grows on it is thorns from the past, and every time you touch it, it pricks you and causes you to bleed - inside.

How long will it take me to have them see their folly? Reacting to the enemy is a total waste of time. Reacting to self hating Jews is a waste of time. Projecting a positive position on Israel is a waste of time. People are not interested in the inventions, scientific progress Jews/Israel provides.

Objecting to divestment of Israel is a waist of time also. As a matter of fact, we should protest with our enemies by doing reverse psychology - go ahead, and divest, but stop using cell phones, insulin, computers…...Jews had their hands in all of these. The world will see how stupid this is, then they will see how stupid Jew haters are.

The Media are only interested in reporting stories that get ratings. Unfortunately the latest cure for cancer might get page 30 of a newspaper or the tail end of a news bulletin. If the American company put up the money for the research they would get the credit and not Israeli scientists. Israel might get a brief mention if we are lucky.

The Media are interested in the latest headline. HEADLINES that attack the enemy and project truth is the ONLY WAY. Watching the enemy react in anger only helps us. Yet we help them by reacting to them.

The battle requires a plan and huge financial resources to accomplish. The Jews are not up to the task and no matter what we say, and instead, all the money is spent to continue to fight Brit Zedak, Norman Finklestein and Naom Chomsky et al.

My feet were soar walking the streets of Washington and New York, going from one Jewish organization to another and amazed at the rejection from every Jewish organization.

What we need is the support of a handful of people, and not the majority belly-achers.


We have to drown out the message of the enemy with our own message. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY. It does not matter what I say only a few will listen. Again, we are looking for these few Jewish gems.

There is ONLY ONE WAY and that is to attack. I repeat ATTACK. The preemptive strikes used in the Six Day war was the only way Israel won, but this time the Phantom F4s and Mirage airplanes at the universities are the Arab speakers for Israel.

We need to grab hearts and not only present intellectual arguments. Passion is what we need - a loud Brigitte Gabriel style speech and not your politically angled, low toned, ostrich style speaking. The Palestinians do this all the time. There refugee problem is all Israel's fault yah de yah. The only people interested in intellectual arguments are JEWS. Why don’t you step aside and let us do this for you our way, our style, and let our voices thunder on your behalf, and quit shooting us down every time we speak out. We will win Jews to fight by enthusiasm and not only by information. It's one thing to reach to minds, and it's another to win souls.

When we put a dent in the enemy, the very same people who object about us speaking will be our biggest fans. Just look at what happened in San Diego State University. It’s the best example.

In history, it’s always the few who made all the difference, and not the belly-aching crowds. It took my great grand father’s best friend Winston Churchill years to finally be recognized, and it took Martin Luther years to be accepted, but the best investments are the long-term commitments.

Are you one of these few gems? Are you willing to act instead of react?

If so, sign us up. If not, step aside and give your belly aching complaints to someone else. We Arabs are sick of belly-aching Jews.

Walid Shoebat

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