Friday, June 09, 2006


more from Anita Tucker

OY -things have reached a new LOW with our frustrations in dealing with totally insensative bureaucrats -HELP!!!!!!
We need your help to flex your so tough brawny Jaw muscles and vocal chords.

So Motti Elimelech said , after you flooded him with phone calls that he won't throw us out into street and he agrees that we should not physically move in until building site is safe.

1. However in fact the minhelet did send a letter to the kibbutz eintzurim -that they are stopping the funding for meals.
when we pressuured as to why he sent it -he said ,it was just a warning -however he has not yet sent a retraction letter and Kibbutz Ein tzurim asked our Netzer Hazani vaad to give them some sort of committment as to who will pay them. We say Minhelet-but in fact feel like mushpal shnorrers.

2. If you recall finishing the development in site was dependent on vote on budget where the missing two millin shekel that Housing Ministry claimed was needed to finish site.This was passed signed etc. and so we hoped Sunday we would see them workin full force to finish site without delay _HA HA HA -of course not.

New problem is a fight between the contractor (named Bitan ) of the development and and the supervsor of the Housing Ministry who are responsible for the work on the site. the supervisor claims that the contractor reported having used much more materials than he did use in fact on the site. The contractor claims it is a lie and he reported what he in fact used .
The bottom line is he is not continuing his work on the site and they may most likely end up in court.
The Sela comission (minhelet ) is in fact reponsable for site being completed to provide us with temporary housing..
However they are not doing anything to bring in another contractor to finish site but are waiting for this dispute to solve itself. So the result they are pressuring us to leave guesthouse and doing nothing to complete site.(they don't need a new Michraz as next in line on original michraz can get it --but they shoud notify him at least to be ready incase they need him to come in and take job.

3.The Minhelet is continuing to insist that the contract include a passage that says we are obligated to leave the site in three and a half years, which is the date that minhelet committed themselves to return site to kibbutz ein tzurim .
We refuse to sign it unless this passage is changed as what are we supposed to do if because of gov't permanent site in Yesodot is not ready yet --then when we refuse to leave they will forcebly expell us from our homes again -another "disengaement will be performed on us again..??
We insist on avoiding such a situation-we will not agree to signing a statement that says --we will willingly agree to be forced out of our homes with nowhere to go to again---do they think we are crazy?????

They now threaten that if we don't sign they will not install , according to their set standard for caravans, air conditioners that they purchased and are sitting in their storage shed , but in addition they will hold up progress for permanent location at yesodot if we don't sign.
They act as if we are primitive little kids that using threats and punishments they can manipulate us. However we are in fact adults and have a respnsibility to ourselves and our families to act logically and sanely and according to law.

4.When we tried to convince each of minahalim of Minhelet separately(Bassi,shuli levi,etc etc thay all agreed it wasn't logical-but then their legal advisor (Aaronson) said to them -don't change this demand of contract as everyone in all other caravilla sites signed it. So our coordinator, Ron SHechner, got hold of the contract signed by the people in the Yad binyamin caravilla site---and ,GUESS WHAT , it did not have the paragraph open having to leave in a time limit. SO turns out Minhelet's legal advisor is a liar . How does one deal with this?

all the above was written last night --today when at the caravilla site I saw workers sent by Ministry of housing measuring amount of bricks used to build sidewalks at site,other workers up rooting these blocks every few meters and measuring depth of sand that was underneath blocks --all this was not progress in development but rather part of the measurements concerning disagreement between Ministry of housing supervisor and development contrator.
In fact the media that we invited to Ein Tzurim caravilla site today saw with their own eyes the open sewage pits still filled with rocks that must be cleaned out before they are sealed -saw all the dangerous building materialsaround etc etc. In other words the site is surely not a safe place to move in with children. But this did not stop the Minhelet from preparing new letters that they are stoping funding for guesthouse and we must move into caravlla site. Which we of course so anxiously want to do-but to a safe site with all the caravans completed according to their standards and regulations -and without signing that we can be thrown out in three and a half years even if permanent location is not completed (which they are already threatening to hold up).

So we are back to threats that we are to be thrown in streets ,threats that we have to move into vcaravillas immediately -and statements that of course they do not want us to move into caravillas untiil site is safe??????
If you are confused -so am I .
Our people feel like shnorrers here in kibbutz, as kibbutz now isn't sure it wil get paid for their expenses for us -yet Minhelet are charging us 455 dollars off of compensation for every month in Ein tzurim guesthouse including my old run down 3x31/2 room that my husband and I live in in Ein Tzurim guesthouse.
This whole situation is exhausting and demeaning and we really have no idea what to do other than ask you and your friends to again flood the minhelet with phonecalls asking all the questions you can,threaten,manipulate etc.-I guess if you can't beat 'em ,join 'em or something like that.UGH!

Anyhow I wrote you all the gory details -if you can think of a short simple clear version send it back to me as well
Office of Minhelet Sela -ask to speak to Yonatan Bassi and/or Tzvia Shimon (she will replace him in about a month and now they are working together so she can learn job.)
tel. 02-5311028 fax.026529217

you can call also you're old friend motti Elimelech or his direct boss Shuli Levi (he is also leaving his job soon so may be willing to be more helpful---he also understands english and speaks quite well--we both spoke once together to American army officers visiting israel and he was very moved by what i said -and always comes over to me sympathetic )
0506205752--shuli levi - sgan menahel minhelet sela

sorry for so much details -but important you know facts
As usual ,thanks for caring,anita

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