Wednesday, July 19, 2006


TAKE ACTION - Show Your Support for Israel


Unity Coalition for Israel - July 18, 2006

We encourage everyone to organize and/or participate in Solidarity With Israel Rallies. Rallies are an important tool to help educate both the media and the public.

How to Organize or Maximize the Effect of a Rally

Call the media to cover the rally, in an effort to bring awareness to the key issues involved. Work to get pro-Israel government reps and community leaders to speak. If that's not doable, it's also okay to just do a simple street corner demo, with no speakers, just placards, but do try to have at least 10 participants.

Prepare at least 3 people to speak to the media, each with a different soundbyte (see talking points below). These people should not wait to be approached by the reporter, but should approach the reporters on their own, as soon as they see them.

Particularly if the media do not show up for your rally, arrange for someone going to the rally to bring a digital camera . Take photos of people holding pro-Israel signs. Tell them you want to send the photo to their local paper. Ask for their name, town, phone number (so newspaper can verify the photo caption) and the local newspaper's name. That same day, put a caption on the photo, send it to the person's local newspaper and urge that the photo be published.


Placard messages of all sizes are available to download at (click on Signs )

You can also display these signs in the windows of your home and car or tape them onto your T-shirt or backpack to wear.

Examples include:

Lebanon, Disarm Your Terrorists Or Israel Will
Lebanon, Stop Hezbollah Rockets
Israel Left Gaza for Peace, Not 800 Rocket Attacks
Hamas is Destroying the Palestinian Future
Hamas, Stop Racist Terrorism, Start Peace
Israel Wants Peace, Hamas Wants War
Israel Offered Peace, Arabs Gave Them War
Stop the Rockets
Stop the Terror
Iran Won't Take Peace for an Answer
Israel is on the Map to Stay
Iran Funds Hamas
Iran Funds Islamic Jihad
Free Gilad, Eldad, and Ehud
We Support Israel
Free Lebanon From Hezbollah Terrorists

With thanks,

Lee Green
Director, National Letter-Writing Group

MEDIA CONTACT INFO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(We welcome suggestions for this section.)

Anglican Communion News:
Clare Amos in charge of Anglican Holy Land website

Catholic World News URL:

Christian Broadcasting Network's Newswatch URL: on "suggested topic for a feature story")

Christian Century magazine email:

Christian Science Monitor URL:

Christianity Today email:

Episcopal Life editor:

Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, The Most Rev. Frank G. Griswald Fax #:(212)490-3298

God's Learning Channel:

Leadership Journal (of Christianity Today magazine):

Janet Parshall radioshow: 1-800-343-9282

Presbyterians Today URL:

To find your local Presbyterian USA church:

Presbyterian News Service Director: Rev. Jerry Van Marter
fax: 502-569-8073

Alexa Smith, International News:

Today's Christian:

United Church of Christ leaders:,,,,

UCC Ecumenical Officer Lydia Veliko:

United Methodist News Service email:

Worthy Ministries Newstip URL:
Zola Levitt Ministries' "Levitt Letter" email:

Government Contact Info:

Find your congressional rep at:

Find your senators at: Click on "Find your Senator" at top right.


Who We Are: Unity Coalition for Israel
Founded in 1991, we are the largest worldwide coalition of Jewish and Christian organizations, with more than 200 groups representing millions of people dedicated to Israel. Though we have many different backgrounds, we have one common goal: A Safe and Secure Israel.

Israel is not just a Jewish issue. Millions of Christians resolutely endorse the principle of peace with security for the state of Israel. Because we work closely together and speak with a united voice, our message is being heard!

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