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The antechamber to genocide by Francisco Gil-White

The antechamber to genocide

Historical and Investigative Research
- 9 October 2006
by Francisco Gil-White

Russia is energetically giving support to Israel's genocidal enemies. So is the United States. Worldwide antisemitism is growing dramatically and fast. A rational human being should be able to put two and two together. Will the Jews reason before it is too late again?

On October 6 Caroline Glick, who often writes for the Jerusalem Post, penned an article entitled “As the Storm of War Approaches,” where she defends the view that soon there will be war in Israel because the Russians are getting ever more involved militarily on the side of the Iranians, the Syrians, and the Lebanese.[1] Russian “engineers” and troops have landed in Beirut, which is of “disturbing significance” because “according to Jane’s Defense Weekly the Russian listening post on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights provided Hizbullah with a continuous supply of intelligence throughout the conflict,” and because “the majority of IDF casualties in the fighting were caused by Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missiles that made their way to Hizbullah fighters through Syria.” Russia has also been making a series of diplomatic attacks against Israel, and “then there is Russia’s unstinting support for Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”

In all this, Caroline Glick never mentions the United States.

Now, during the Cold War, when the Russians took one side, the United States could be expected to take the opposite one. Given that recently the US and Russia have been increasingly at public loggerheads in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and given that the US government loudly states in public that it is Israel’s best friend (a claim the media repeats constantly as if it were obviously true), the mind of Caroline Glick’s reader will naturally assume that, against the Russian threat, the United States will take a countervailing position of support for Israel.

This is why it pays to study history.

In 1977, Jimmy Carter began pushing the idea of a PLO state even before the PLO did, and then Carter tried to saddle Israel with a PLO terrorist state next door. At this time the PLO was based in Lebanon, and was directing terrorist attacks from its bases there against Israeli civilians in the Galilee (like Hezbollah now does). The very next year, in 1978, the PLO terrorism got so bad that Israel launched an invasion of southern Lebanon to stop it, but Jimmy Carter forced the Israelis out of Lebanon.[1a] This context should be kept in mind when evaluating Carter’s 1977 diplomatic efforts on behalf of a PLO state: he was trying to empower people who right there and then were killing Israeli civilians. But the most important piece of information, here, is that in 1977 the Carter administration explicitly teamed up with the Soviet Russians behind Israel's back in an attempt to force a PLO state on Israel’s flank. You may read the documentation on that here:

What does this mean? That, although the United States and the Soviet Union obviously disagreed about many things, they could agree on one thing: attacking Israel.

It is silly to make predictions about the political future without studying the political past. HIR has examined the entire history of US foreign policy towards the Jewish state and found that, contrary to the fiction propounded by US officials and the media, the United States has almost invariably been allied with Israel’s Arab enemies (the same Arab enemies the Russians have also supported) to the detriment of Israeli security.[2] With this context in mind, the safe prediction is not that Washington will now take a position against Moscow’s attack on Israel, but that the United States government will once again team up with the Russian government in a joint attempt to destroy the Jewish state.

What is the latest data?

Two days ago, 5 October 2006, Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook from Palestinian Media Watch, which specializes in translating Arab media into English (so that those of us who do not speak Arabic can find out what Arab leaders are saying to their followers), wrote an article with the title: “Abbas Dupes U.S.” It begins with the following paragraph:

“Abbas: Hamas must recognize Israel,” announced the headline on the lead story in today’s Jerusalem Post. The article went on to report that ‘PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas vowed to fire the Hamas-led government before the end of the month unless... they accepted Israel’s right to exist. Abbas made his pledge in a meeting with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who expressed Washington’s full support for the PA chairman and his Fatah party in their confrontation with Hamas.’”[3]

This corresponds nicely to the prediction HIR made during Israel’s war with Hezbollah (which war was in part provoked by a Hamas attack[4]). We predicted that after the US had successfully sabotaged Israeli self-defense (as it now has[5]), the following would happen:

“Hamas and Hezbollah will be thoroughly demonized, but neither organization will be destroyed and if there is a NATO intervention it will protect Hezbollah, and the Hezbollification of Lebanon. The PLO will burnish its image as the ‘partner for peace’ by being on its ‘best’ behavior during this crisis, and if the Oslo process can be revived it will be, with the PLO but without Hamas (at least formally).

Get ready...for the rebirth of the PLO.”[6]

What Marcus and Crook now tell us is that PLO leader “Mahmoud Abbas has just vowed to fire the Hamas-led government...unless they accepted Israel’s right to exist,” and the US Secretary of State has rushed to express “Washington’s full support for the PA chairman and his Fatah party in their confrontation with Hamas.” Abbas is indeed on his ‘best behavior,’ and the US government appears quite keen on reviving Fatah, the controlling core of the PLO.

But what is Abbas saying to the Arabs, in Arabic, in the Arab media? Marcus and Crook explain:

“Only the day before, however, Abbas said on PA [Palestinian Authority] TV that Hamas does not have to recognize Israel -- nor does his own Fatah faction: ‘Hamas is not required to recognize Israel… It is not required of Hamas, or of Fatah, or of the Popular Front to recognize Israel.’”

This may appear confusing. If Abbas said to the Western press that “Hamas must recognize Israel,” why was he saying on Palestinian Authority TV that “Hamas is not required to recognize Israel”? Did he lose his mind? No. To his Arab audience Mahmoud Abbas made a careful distinction. He said:

“I do not demand of Hamas nor any other to recognize Israel. But from the government that works with Israelis in day to day life, yes.” (emphasis mine)

In other words, there is a Palestinian Authority government with Mahmoud Abbas (alias Abu Mazen) as president but otherwise controlled by Hamas. Now, just as the Republican Party is bigger than the current US administration, the Hamas organization is bigger than the set of Hamas officials currently running the Palestinian Authority government. So what Abbas said is that, although neither Hamas “nor any other” need recognize Israel -- certainly not Abbas’s own Fatah (PLO) or the Popular Front -- that part of Hamas which currently controls the Palestinian Authority and is therefore in a position to have official contacts with the Israelis, they certainly should recognize Israel.

What is the translation?

Translation: No genocidal antisemites should abandon their goal to kill every last living Jew, but the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority must say in public that it recognizes Israel so that the political theater called “the Oslo Peace Process” can be revived and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) can finally be wrested from the Israelis, cleansed of its Jews by Ariel Sharon’s protégé Ehud Olmert, and by Dan Halutz, the man who failed to defend Israel from Hezbollah and who, under Ariel Sharon, used the IDF to cleanse the Jews living in the Gaza Strip, giving full control of this strategic territory to antisemitic terrorists pledged to the destruction, via genocide, of the Jewish state. (He also gave control of the Gaza-Egypt border to Egypt).

Now, how should we interpret the behavior of the United States government? The interpretation that Marcus and Crook give is spilled all over the title to their piece: “Abbas Dupes U.S.” And they restate it in the body of the article: “It appears that Rice has been duped into believing that this is a sincere recognition of Israel.” Is this possible? Is it possible that Condoleeza Rice, the foreign minister of the most powerful state in history, with global reach and a vast intelligence service at her disposal chock-full of Arab specialists, has been duped? Is it possible that she knows less than Marcus and Crook? Is it possible that she doesn’t know what Abbas is saying in public on Palestinian Authority TV?

I think this is unlikely.

Moreover, I should point out that Condoleeza Rice did not merely express support for Mahmoud Abbas, she blew him kisses. As Marcus and Crook report, Rice said to Abbas: “We have great admiration for you and [your] leadership.” This is an extreme diplomatic behavior. Great admiration? In other words, Washington has “great admiration” for a terrorist organization responsible for the murders of multitudes of innocent people?

As HIR has documented, Al Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas’s organization (the outfit that controls the PLO), was created by a leader of Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution: Hajj Amin al Husseini, who, according to one of Adolf Eichmann’s lieutenants was more important as an architect of the WWII extermination of the European Jews than Eichmann himself.[7] Is it possible that the United States government does not know this?

I think this is impossible.

I was fired from the University of Pennsylvania (one of the best known universities in the world, and an ‘Ivy League’ school) for making public the documentation that establishes precisely this: that Al Fatah was created by the top leader of Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution.[8] My firing created such a scandal that it was reported in the mainstream media, and one thing Condoleeza Rice’s subordinates certainly do is keep track of the mainstream media. It is hard to believe, for example, that my interview in the top-rated political interview show on TV -- Hannity & Colmes on FOX-NEWS -- can have escaped their attention.[9] But if that were not enough, it turns out that the man responsible for getting me fired, political science professor Ian Lustick (a defender of the PLO), puts it on his CV that he works for US Intelligence.[10] So Condoleeza Rice expressed “great admiration” for an organization that she simply has to know is a continuation of the Final Solution, even as Fatah’s leader was denying in the Arabic media that there was any need to recognize Israel, and was therefore saying that the project to exterminate the Israeli Jews is still on.

I should also point out that, according to the London Sunday Times:

“America is going to have to learn to live with a nuclear Iran, US intelligence analysts have concluded at a secret meeting near Washington.

Senior operatives and outside experts from the intelligence community were almost unanimous in their view that little could be done to stop Iran acquiring the components for a nuclear bomb, The Sunday Times has learnt.”[11]

This also agrees with HIR predictions, for we said (back in February 2006) that the United States was not really opposed to Iranian nuclear ambitions, and if there was any real diplomatic push to prevent Iran from getting them it would be only in the context of also stripping Israel of its nukes. In any case, we predicted that the United States would not attack Iran.[12]

It appears, therefore, that United States policy is allied with Russia’s policy: they both support the enemies of the Israelis, the same enemies who have explained with great clarity that they mean to kill all the Jews.

The last time the great powers were agreed to attack the Jews in the context of a worldwide surge of antisemitism (such as we are experiencing right now) over five million Jews were slaughtered, and this was only the latest installment in a slaughter series that repeats itself almost every century for over two millennia.[13] Can anything be done? Yes: the Jewish people can defend themselves. They can inform their allies among ordinary Americans, who will defend them if they know the truth -- like they did, for example, in 1948, when they came out in large numbers to protest in the streets their own government’s antisemitic policies and forced this government to back down.[14] And the Israeli Jews can take their destiny in their own hands and defend themselves from the Israeli ruling elite, which is leading them down the path to another genocide.[15]

But unless the Jews choose to defend themselves, HIR is predicting another great mass killing of Jews. And very soon. Our readers should take this seriously because the track record of our predictions shows that our model is not a bad one for anticipating future geopolitical events. So spread the word: we can still stop this.

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When I was down beside the sea

A wooden spade they gave to me

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The holes were empty like a cup

In every hole the sea camp up,

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