Thursday, March 02, 2006


Letter from Anita Tucker

Anita and her family were evicted from their homes in Nezer Hazani because of Disengagement. At present, they're living in the Ein Tzurim Guest House. They are waiting for a new "Caravilla" temporary neighborhood to be set up.

Dear friends ,

Most of Caravillas will NOT be ready at on March 23 according to almost all involved in the Ein Tzurim site ---therefore according to this letter from Prime Ministers office -Sela they want us to be ready to be moved to another temporary something ?????? What am I supposed to do, put my few pairs of underwear and other minimums .toothbrush etc back into my back back (sorry will need something larger cause of all the gifts we received from Jews who care), tell my grandkids to to pack their few toys in a plastic bag, say goodbye to their -friends in the Ein Tzurim Gan that they have finally adjusted to etc etc etc .

The Caravillas are not ready and apparantly more important guests than us must be hosted in the hotel rooms. This involves about 130 families from Netzer HAzani,Neve Dekalom and several from Gadid.

This is the newest edict signed "with the kings official seal'' -we are again to be sent to exile to wander again . It will be enforced by the "the kings men'' erev Shabbat HaGadol ---so there is a plan to make sure that on that very Shabbat when all caring Jews express their renewed faith in Hashem's miracles and salvation , Sela has plans for us to be again sent to wander to a new exile in our! own homeland . EVIL

We know that as always Hakadosh Baruch will be with us and we have faith that caring people who have stood with us and brought us light in this darkness will find a way to chase away this evil as well with more light. Lets get to work !

This is not a Purim joke !

Anita Tucker

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