Thursday, May 25, 2006


A letter from Sara Layah, now in Nitzan


Nechama was fantastic in her school performance last night! While Nechama was great the dance routines paled in comparison to those of her Neve Dekalim elementary school. And this school hired a choreographer whereas the teachers of the Neve Dekalim did more professional and enjoyable choreography. Naot Katif truly had talented staff! Shifra agrees.

I found myself tearful but not with happiness. Rather, tears freely flowed as the religious popular music played on. I've come to associate such music with Neve Dekalim happenings. I sat there watching the program but simultaneously recalling Neve Dekalim places and moments and the marvelous school assemblies and happenings with same music. I still can't play my clarinet. Last time I tried I just broke down and cried as I tried to play along with similar music that I so enjoy. I think it's like a post traumatic stress syndrome for me.

Ehud and Meir and their classmates are learning how to take care of horses and ride them. It's a special program unique to the re-established Naot Katif elementary school to help the 7th and 8th graders deal better with trauma of Disengagement. Pretty exciting!

Ehud, who is very artistic, had stopped drawing since Disengagement saying there wasn't anything to draw. The other day he returned home from the horses and immediately sat down and drew a horse with such precision and detail. I'm thrilled! I hope no more drawing-block.

All the best,
Sara Layah

The horses were drawn by Ehud.

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