Monday, August 28, 2006


A Report from an E-Pal Up North

freify at netvision dot net dot il wrote:

This is the one we experienced first hand.
We were on our way to a shopping mall in Haifa, when the sirens went off, traffic stopped,
and all left their vehicles. Two loud explosions were heard, and suddenly smoke billowed
about 300 meters away. When we contiued driving we could see the fire.
Lucky only glass was blown from windows during this one, and from what we learned
later, noone was injured.

I've had a strange, exciting life, always finding myself close to where the action was.
Starting with the Nazi period, Korea, 3 mile island nuclear scare, Mt. Helena's
eruption, the largest recorded earthquake in California, which shook us up, the
wars in Israel, beginning with the Yom Kippur war....etc.

Not wishing to push my luck....enough is genug.

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