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Demonstrate for the Disengagement Victims

English Orange November 28, 2005, Cheshvan 26,

Are you capable of sitting silently and patiently another day?


The ''GOLDEN CAGE'' awaits you!

Come join us (Talmon) to protest this unbearable realityOn Wednesday November 30 at 18:00Opposite the Prime Ministers home in JerusalemDetails-call 052-5666266

100 days later: 426 Families still living in hotels and their possessions are held in an army base
Uprooted in one week, abandoned already for 3 months

? approx.1700 families lost their homes this past summer
? about 10,000 people were ripped out of their homes and lives in seven days
? 100 days have elapsed since the forceful relocation
? 2200 people are currently unemployed
? 50% of the 'caravillas' promised by the Sel"a Authority are still not ready
? 65% of the uprooted remain in "immediate solution" quarters intended for the first week only
? 105 families presently live in tents
? dozens of youth have yet to find suitable educational solutions
? approximately 700 families live in various temporary quarters such as caravillas, caravans and other temporary structures
? size of a caravilla is between 60 to 120 square meters. (646 sq. ft. to 130 sq. feet)
? some families with 12 members are housed in a single caravilla
? $500 is the average rental fee for a caravilla
? caravillas can hold, at best, up to 50% of the family's belongings
? 24 containers holding entire family possessions have totally disappeared
? 4 homes were totally destroyed together with the house contents
? the majority of the families are not permitted access to their storage containers and have to buy new basic supplies to the amount of tens of thousands of shekels
? over the summer some expensive furniture was irreparably damaged by the extreme temperatures without proper storage conditions.
? more than 300 agricultural farms were wiped off the face of the earth
? only 20 have been relocated
? 0 residents received the promised severance pay
? merely 13% were deemed eligible to receive a temporary advance of living allowance.
? families that were living in rented homes in Gush Katif/Northern Shomron, according to the expulsion-reparation law are NOT eligible for any monetary assistance
? Singles living in the expelled areas are not eligible for any reparations
? about 600 families are today living in hotel rooms and educational institutions
? the hotel dwellers are not entitled to basic rights like hosting guests in their rooms, internet access, telephone use...
? 3 washing machines are available for the use of the Moshav Katif people and 3 washing machines are allocated for Netzer Chazani people (several hundred people!)
? 2 telephone lines on average available for the use of the refugees in the various hotels. At some hotel no personal calls are allowed at all
? 2 parents + 3 children are housed in a single room in many of the hotels
? 35% of the evacuees are still living in hotels
? hundreds of children above age 7 have started wetting their beds (nearly 45% of all children)
? many heart attacks have occurred as a result of the expulsion crisis
? many suicide attempts as a result of the disengagement
? 4 girls between ages 16-19 are in a locked hospital ward because of their extreme emotional state
? 10 youth are in clinical depression and do not leave their rooms
? thousands of children who returned to the classrooms have dramatically dropped their grades
? many families are still charged to pay back mortgages on their non-existent houses
? Homesh expellees have been billed by the electric company for cutting off the electricity
? Only within the past two weeks has the disengagement authority been willing to give recognition to communities rather than to individuals
? about 400 families have gone off on their own, spread throughout the country, cut off from their communities and their support system
? Neveh Dekalim alone has been forced to split up into 13 different locations around the country against their explicit request to remain together, long before the expulsion.
? Evacuation of the Northern Shomron communities allows for a territorial contiguity of the Arabs from Schem (Nablus) through to Jenin, a distance of tens of kilometers.
? 28% of Israel's land has, in effect, been abandoned by her citizens
? 3000 coats intended for the evacuees were stolen from the warehouses.
? Ministry of Education does not subsidize the temporary schools that have been established around the country
? Students who missed the summer exams are being barred from taking make-up exams.
? 75% of the Expellees are still without jobs
? 0 refugees have been moved of their own free will
? 25 thriving and flourishing communities have been totally wiped out
? 38 bodies were removed from their graves. Their families had to go through the trauma of reburial and sitting Shiva AGAIN
? Synagogues were destroyed
? ten thousand citizens are thrown out of their homes, without their possessions, ignored totally by the government
? There has been NOT one solution for any single citizen!!!

Please enter the following links into your internet address bar to read the articles.
Sit-In Strike Begins in Jerusalem 16:23 Nov 29, '05 / 27 Cheshvan 5766By Hillel Fendel

Finding Jobs for People Without Homes
15:35 Nov 28, '05 / 26 Cheshvan 5766By Hillel Fendel

I Have the Right to Be Unforgiving
by Roberta Feinstein BienenfeldNovember 25, 2005

NEW update -Nov 25, 2005 Kfar Darom will not be moving to Ashkelon to the building you wrote about. After lies, delays, and more lies and delays, the banks have now refused to sign - causing yet a new delay. Kfar Darom voted yesterday to cancel the whole plan. They will have another meeting tomorrow to decide on a positive course of action, after 3 months of being played with by the government and Sela, with empty promises. We pray for them and all the expellees that they find the strength to remain together until a solution is found for them by the bodies which caused them to have a problem in the first place.
Take care, and Besorot Tovot


LeMaan Acheinu - assistance and counseling: 02-5090111,
fax: 025090110
lemanahai@walla.com hours-9:00 to 23:00
Legal Aid Chonenu- 1-599-504-020
Justice Forum- (till 5:00 pm) 02 5022202
Legal assistance- 08-971-6676 (till 7:00 pm) Law office experienced in the laws and dealing with the disengagement authority.
Employment- 08-6727703 (job offers and placement)
JobKatif website-
Modiin Bulletin Board-http://www.modiin.org (assistance)
Paamonim-Financial Advice and Assistance-1-800-351-012 or 02-9975577
Lev Achim- 1-800-550-300 (National Education Hotline)
Open Line- Hotline for emotional and faith issues 02-6518388
Aliyat HaNoar- 036898738
Minhelet Selah, Jerusalem- 02-531-1144, 88 Northern area- 04-624 7393 Southern area- 086610050
Shame Page-

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