Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Intel's Publicity Stunt

I'm sure that I wasn't the only one to be extremely impressed when the premier high tech company, Intel, sent out a news report that they were hiring unemployed Gush Katif and Northern Shomron Disengagement victims. Employment is the key to regaining control over their lives, and I've been lobbying best I could for helping the refugees find work.

I should have guessed. Former Neve Dekalim resident, Yossi Shomron, now of Nitzan (Carravilla town), tried to get a job. Here is his report:

Publicity Stunt

A week ago I read that Intel – Kiryat Gat is recruiting former Gush Katif residents for jobs and job training and even led tours of the Kiryat Gat plant and conducted over 30 interviews. From what I can tell this is all a lie.

From the web site there was an article about the program with Intel. When I called the Meida Katif phone number I was told that someone would contact me from Intel. That was a week ago and no one called.

After calling their number again (1700-707765) I received a recording that the number has been disconnected. I called Intel at Kiryat Gat (08 666 7111) and spoke to human resources and was told that they don't know of such a program, don't know of any tours of the plant, and don't know of the 30 interviews conducted with former residents of Gush Katif.

I was told I could enter my resume onto their general web site and apply for a job like anyone else in Israel. Human Resources also could not give me a name of the Intel person in charge of helping Gush Katif residents find jobs. By the way, I could not find any place on their web site to enter my resume. Sounds like a publicity stunt by Intel.

Yossi Shomron

It seems unfair to blame Intel for this. What was the source of the Arutz Sheva story?
I bet it comes from the dirty tricks division of the Prime Minister's Office.
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