Friday, November 18, 2005


A Comment on my "Not Me!" from a friend "disengaged" from Gush Katif

Hey Batya,
The Disengagement Authority always required such proof of residency for each and every year one claims to have resided in GK or N.Shomron. And the residency documents from the GK moetza aren't, on their own, sufficent proof as many thought they would be. Now that more people are applying you're hearing more specifics about what is required from us to prove GK or N. Shomron was center of our life. And report cards for each child is part of that proof but doesn't stand on its own. I recall at one point saying, "obviously if my children attended Naot Katif elementary school I lived in GK. Surely you don't think I bussed them in daily from Be'er Sheva or somewhere?"
And I prayed, and I wrote, and I attended demonstrations as did my family.
And I thought that if the evil decree came to pass that the gov't might start evacuating earlier than expected. As such I tried to think like my great grandparents fleeing Russia- what would be important, essential to have on my person? Heavy Shabbat candle stick holders, some siddurs was what they shlepped. Having made aliya we kept our documents in order and knew they must be with us. And I wanted my many family photographs in albums and on the wall. Everything else was expendable.
Now I understand why some Yamit area residents were in court fighting for their compensation.
Say Batya, when are you coming to our D.P. Camp for a visit?
-Sara Layah

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