Thursday, November 10, 2005


A lot of shaking going on.

I'm not talking about dancing, neither am I referring to the extra fat some of us carry.

I'm talking about the Israeli political parties.

Labor just had a shock. They were certain, especially the media and most polls that Shimon Peres would have another crack at it, at winning the national election as head of his party, that is. Well, he won't. It's the Histadrut's (Big Union) Amir Peretz who won, though the talk is that Peres will challenge the results.

I don't know how clean the elections were in the Labor Party, but what I want is a list of all the damage Peretz has done to the economy of the country by calling strikes. I know that exports were damaged by his closing the ports. I'd like to collect more specific details. Write to shilohmuse at yahoo dot com

And the other shaking is the Likud, which seems to be falling apart, since Sharon doesn't have the support he needs. His totalitarian methods and Disengagement have lost him the traditional Likud voters.

Mafdal, the National Religious Party, is also being pulled in various directions. Many people, both from within the party and without want it to join Moledet and Ichud Leumi (National Union, which Moledet is in) to make a strong nationalist-patriotic, religious leaning party. Polls show that this party, if the small ones don't run, can get one of the largest blocks of votes. It would be wonderful, but it would probably take quite a push from the Moshiach for the Mafdal leadership to give up its independence.

We can always pray.

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