Thursday, December 15, 2005


and what about Jews who want to visit Kever Rachel, or just visit?

Spokesperson’s Office
2005-0005-1040Reference No:

December 14, 2005
יג כסלו תשס"ו

Press Release

Tourism Ministry Bureau Opens at Jerusalem-Bethlehem Crossing to Ensure Travelers' Smooth Passage

To ensure the smooth passage of tourists traveling between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Israel's Tourism Ministry has opened a bureau at the 24-hour Rachel crossing point between the two cities. The bureau will coordinate between Israeli and Palestinian authorities.

"We are making every effort to smooth travel between Jerusalem and Bethlehem for pilgrims and tourists," says Israel' Minister of Tourism Avraham Hirchson. "We will continue cooperating with Palestinian and other tourism authorities in the region."

The bureau will operate five days a week between 08:30 and 17:00.

80,000 Christian tourists are expected to arrive in Israel for the Christmas holiday. Between January and August 2005, approximately 160,000 tourists made the trip between the two cities.

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