Thursday, December 22, 2005


Storm Troopers

Some terrible things have been going on in Israel. The police have been used to brutally repress demonstrations. Besides what I've seen on television, which is usually censored, I've been hearing terrible, frightening stories from my friends about what happened to their children.

Here's a short movie; it's in Hebrew, but you can just look at the pictures. The children ranged in age from about 12-20. Look at the police, big burly police. They used all of their superior strength and training to attack the kids, especially the girls.

It has taken a couple of months for the kids to react. They can't report the police, because the police don't wear tags, no identification. There's just this movie, and it doesn't show the worst of the brutality.

Another of the problems is that the "settlement leaders" have deserted the kids on the field. It is another complaint of the kids. They were educated to settle the Land, and they want to. I'm very proud of these kids. Without settlement, the country will die.

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