Thursday, June 15, 2006


update from Anita Tucker

Yesterday the first 12 families of the Netzer Hazani-Ein tzurim community received their containers that were finally moved here after ten months of storage in the ZIm -Kastina storage lot and from other storage locations.

Last night many opened their containers to reunite with their pre-expulsion lifetime belongings .

Yesterday ,today,and tomorrow they will be emptying as much of the belongings as possible into the caravans (caravillas)( though repairs not yet completed -but promises in tact).The remainder will have to be replaced in storage.

Two of my sons and their families are among those emptying their containers.
My husband and I are not among these 12 families so I now have the important job of babysitting for grandchildren.They are, of course, the great comfort in this happy-sad day .
This morning I am be watching my 10 month old Ori(our light in this darkness,bli ayin hara) born two weeks after the expulsion

So far I have already heard of a long list of appliances and furniture that have been damaged but it seems that none of these 12 Netzer Hazani families have energy to get to upset about this and as long as the appliance is still functional they are moving them in and just saying "Thank God it isn't worse ". Most are just delighted to be reunited with their long lost "friends" that help make a house a home.

Just moving forward-flowing with Hakadosh Baruch Hu --saying Baruch Hashem for what we have is the main agenda today .

All are longingly awaiting those even better times He has been promised us..
Thanks for your caring ,caring gives strength, anita

Anyone passing through near Ein Tzurim is welcome to visit and again remind these families that they are not alone . Your chizuk is welcome .

ps But meanwhile we only agreed to get ready to move in but we won't physically move in till site is safe and essential repairs are completed. So much damage to belongings, only way to get coverage for damage is via court suits -which no one has energy for unless damage very very big..So meanwhile expenses on us. Someday things will really look up -I'm sure about it BE"H

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