Thursday, June 15, 2006

Poll: Public opposes Olmert's Convergence Plan 56%:37%

Dr. Aaron Lerner 9 June 2006

The following are the results of a poll of a
representative sample of 515
adult Israelis (including Israeli Arabs) carried
out on the evening of 7
June by Dialog for Haaretz. The poll was
supervised by Prof. Camille Fuchs
of Tel Aviv
University. Sample survey error +/- 4.4
percentage points:

Do you support convergence? [AL: aka
"Consolidation" aka withdrawal from
most of the West Bank]
Support 37% Oppose 56% Don't know 7%

Do you think that the Convergence will be carried
out or not?
Yes 51% No 32% Don't know 17%

Are you satisfied by the performance of:
Olmert: Yes 35% No 35%
Livni: Yes 53% No 17%
Peretz: Yes 31% No 41%

Who should be the next president - Rabbi Lau or
Reuven Rivlin?
Lau 47% Rivlin 28% Other replies 25%

Who should be the next president (open question)
Peres 32% Lau 26% Aharon Barak 16% Rivlin 8% Ben
Eliezer 4% Other 13%

Who should be the next leader of the Likud?(Likud
voters only)
Netanyahu 67% Katzav 13% Shalom 9% Other 9%

Are you planning to buy the package to view all
the world soccer competition
Already did 5% Haven't but plan to 5% Won't 84%
Undecided 6%

Haaretz 9 June 2006

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