Sunday, June 25, 2006


A letter from Anita Tucker

Dear friends,

We were told last night to keep praying for refuat six year old Yehuda ben Shoshana

His family had a son buried, Lo Aleinu, in Gush Katif during the Struggle and reintered him in after the expulsion in Mt. of Olives . They deserve that all pray for refuat Yehuda

Doctors removed part of Yehuda's spleen ,damage to stomache -missed liver by drop B"H--alot of internal bleeding. Six yr.old had no external injury so didn't realize seriousness at first when was hurt playing on piles of building dirt left in middle of Ein Tzurim-Neve Dekalim caravilla site.
Housing Ministry's contractor removed the piles of dirt from place of accident.

However , unfortunately, they didn't remove other dangers from all over this building site . Children have nowhere to play.
The only outdoor places to play in Ein Tzurim caravilla site are in piles of dirt and blocks and building holes not only in "new" site of Netzer Hazani but even still in old half where the Neve Dekalim families moved into before Pesach .

Last nite I went to kiss my grandchildren good night and say Mazal Tov as they slept for the first time in their new bigger beds (as have grown alot in ten months) in this new home. I said "Mazal Tov on your new Bayit". My four your old grandson Raiee said "this is not my my Bayit , this is my Caravilla ". I said ,"yes but this caravilla is your new Bayit". He said "NO!! this is my caravilla." I repeated "Yes it is a caravilla but now it is yoour families new bayit". Raiee said emphatically "THIS IS MY CARAVILLA; MY BAYIT IS IN NETZER HAZANI !!! on the verge of tears and very upset with me that I wasn't saying the truth.

I asked my son Amichai and daughter in law Naomi if they had any discussion on this with him. They said ,no,not at ,all -but that he does always emphsizes and calls it -"the caravilla".

Another grandson, Ohad, saw the cooking oven being taken out of the storage container and asked what that was-and his mom explained that "now I can cook in our house and we can eat here". The three year old said -
but Ema -will you be able to make "ketzitzot " like we always eat in the Ein
Tzurim Guesthouse dining room in this "thing".
Yesterday my son Aviel's three year old leaned on the electric pole immediately in front of their caravilla . The metal cover of access box that was apparently not screwed on fell on him -fortunately someone noticed immediatey just as my grandchild was about to investigate what was in this interesting box that amazingly opened up in front of him (fortunately he wasn't hurt by the metal cover that fell on him.)

Last night five of the twelve families moving in had a little mezuzah placing ceremony -we went from house to house and the last one prepared a Kibud, snack. It was very moving as each told the story of the removal of the very same mezuzah that he was now attaching .
Yitzchak Cohen told of how he begged the soldiers who came to take him out to tremove the mezuzah from the doorpost fo him -they all refused and one burst into bitter tears and cried "I can't, I can't"

Amichai hung the same mezuzah that he is seen so painfully removing from his doorpost on the picture disk of Netzer Hazani that many have seen.

I said to all,

may we be Zoche to see these caravillas bulldozed soon as we will God
willing succeed in building anew our more permanent home and agro -businesses very soon .
Then one of the teenagers said -and this time we'll be happy to photograph
the bulldozers that were so painful to photgraph in GK.

Perhaps my grandson is right; perhaps we cannot call this site that was built for us without love and caring -Habayit !

Yet there have been so many wonderful caring people of Am Yisrael from all over the world who have helped,visited and encouraged us constantly to enable us to make this temporary stay here more bearable. Their caring give the spurts of Koach to turn this "site" into our "home" even temporarily -as our "home" is still apparantly our spirit, values and community that we took out with us from Netzer Hazani, from Gush Katif and this is what we will use to make the Ein Tzurim caravilla site a great place to live --temporarily

Perhaps this what my young grandson had in mind by "Bayit".

Shabbat Shalom,


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